The MADE Design
Brand Identity Starter Kit

MADE Design is a division of MADE Agency – An accelerator agency that helps businesses grow. We’ve developed a package rate to help startup businesses that are at the early stages of their brand’s life cycle develop high quality, cost effective branding.

The MADE Design CI Starter Pack gives you access to best-in-class design resources as well as the support of our agency structure - offering you peace of mind that the accountability for your project’s success lies with us.

Sounds real nice.
Is it for me?

Investment in brand development is an exercise in creating longevity for your business. A consistent and well thought out brand can increase the worth of a start up, and provides a rare far-sighted lens in a very short term environment.

A brand identity informs every marketing activity down the line, from communications right through to integration of your brand persona in product development decisons.

It’s never too early – or too late – to begin building your brand.

What Does it Include?

Logo Design

We create 3 bespoke logos that answer your brief. Each one is made with love by one of our designers. You nominate a preferred route, and get 2 rounds of feedback on the direction you choose.

essential stationery

We create an email signature and a business card for you. We supply print-ready files for your business card, but printing cards and implementing the email signature is your responsibility.

brand one-pager

We supply a one-page brand bible. This PDF document outlines your new logo, brand colours, and corporate typeface (we use open source fonts) so that anyone working with your brand can quickly understand the basics of how you look.

ready-to-use assets

We supply your logo and typeface as ready-to-use files that you can use immediately drop into any other communications you may need to create.

open files

We supply you with editable files for your business card and letterhead in case you need to make changes later.

The Bottom Line

We’ve priced the Brand Identity Starter Kit competitively, so it’s accessible to businesses in the most critical phase of their growth.

Whether you’re looking to unlock your next round of funding, or preparing to take your product to market and make a splash, this basic package is a prudent investment in the success of your business.

The basic package


ex. VAT

A Taste of Our Work


  • MADE Design is a division of MADE Agency, an accelerator agency helping businesses grow.
  • We understand the startup industry and are sensitive to the pressures of a turbulent growth environment.
  • Our broad capabilities mean you can switch on other parts of your brand development when you are ready, without changing suppliers.
  • We are fast, flexible, and excited to adapt to the needs of the individual.
  • We value partnerships, and always think long-term.

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