WiV Identity

Identity Design

WiV (Wine Vault) is a Norwegian company that is disrupting the investment-grade wine trade market through the use of Blockchain technology. By presenting an alternative to traditional fine wine trading, WiV are able to significantly reduce the amount of time needed to complete a transaction, as well as the risk involved. Assets are stored in a secure, climate-controlled vault, where they remain safely while ownership transactions are made using smart contracts via the Ethereum Blockchain. MADE was tasked with designing an identity for the brand that included a logo and key visuals, paired with illustration, font and colour use guidelines.

The logo takes inspiration from liquids and molecules - it can be interpreted as something intangible yet physical, much like the relationship of ownership to assets acquired by WiV investors. The molecular chain alludes to the chemical building blocks of wine, as well as the components that make up the blockchain.

WiV uses disruptive technology to change the conventional nature of the fine wine trading industry. This sentiment is communicated through imagery of wine behaving in a disruptive and unconventional way. Abstract, yet formulaic patterns are created by using images of wine, suspended in mid air. The key visuals create a sense of technology and magic coming together.

The illustration style combines organic and geometric line work with muted colour, to create a language that is both elegant and informative, while complimenting primary visual elements.